Top 10 Comments Overheard About Melanie Oudin at the US Open

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Just another practice session for Melanie Oudin. on Twitpic

Melanie Oudin has been the talk of the town in New York City over the past week, but not everyone’s quite certain about the facts behind the seventeen year-old overnight celebrity.
On the Baseline’s Paula Vergara has compiled a humorous top 10 list of the comments most overheard at the US Open about Oudin. 

10. She’s French, right?
9. Twin sister? You mean there are two of them?
8. Her boyfriend is cuter than she is.
7. Is that Reese Witherspoon?
6. I say Justine Henin is taller.
5. It’s so weird. She looks American.
4. I heard she writes on her shoes.
3. Who’s that “giant killer?”
2. Oudin speaks English really well.
1. At least she doesn’t grunt.

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