Querrey Finds a Comfortable Fit With Zappos.com

Bob Larson's Tennis News
July 1, 2009

Sam Querrey, the 4th highest ranked US player on the ATP tour, has renewed his 1-year sponsorship deal with Zappos.com, the premiere online destination for shoes and apparel.

Sam doesn’t seem to mind being the Zappos.com athletic sponsorship test case. “It's nice being the only player to be sponsored by Zappos.com,” he says. It feels like the entire company is behind me, as if I'm the priority. It's sort of like I am Michael Jordan with Nike. Most people are sponsored strictly by tennis companies, so it is pretty cool to have a sponsor that doesn't fit that mold.”

Last year, Sam had the opportunity to visit the Zappos.com headquarters in Henderson, Nevada (just outside Las Vegas), and loved it. He recalls, “It was the most unique office I've ever visited. It reminded me of Google's atmosphere.”

Michelle Thomas, Marketing Manager for Zappos.com, says that advertising in tennis simply “makes sense,” considering the similar audiences and demographics. Why Sam Querrey? “Sam is an up and coming tennis player who has the potential to do great things both on the court and off,” says Michelle. “We feel that he is a great extension to our culture. He’s a player with a great sense of humor and a big heart!”

Zappos.com also sponsored this year's Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, as well as the Tennis Channel’s Bag Check segment, featuring Sam Querrey, among others.

Zappos.com doesn’t have any current plans to sponsor other tennis players, but hasn't ruled it out for the future.

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