Top 10 Wishes for the 2009 Tennis Season

I would like wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season!

Here are my tennis wishes for 2009:

1) Having more pro tennis tournaments in Boston, although not outside in the snow. (Davis Cup, hello?)

2) Making hot chocolate a staple at all tennis tournaments.
Not everyone drinks coffee, you know.

3) Having more televised matches showing doubles and mixed doubles.

4) Roger Federer not wearing any more of those rediculous cardigans. Leave the fashion statements to the ladies.

5) Banning screeches and shrieks from players during matches. I prefer to watch tennis...not listen to it.

6) Players not throwing their sweaty towels at ball boys/girls. Would you like to have a gross, sweaty towel hurled at you?

7) John McEnroe switching careers to become an umpire, or even a linesman.

8) Dinara Safina winning a Grand Slam. C'mon...the girl deserves it.

9) Maria Sharapova staying healthy and injury-free.

10) Rafael Nadal switching to shorter shorts, instead of sporting the "just below the knee" look. Give the ladies something else to look at.

Feel free to pass along your own wishes for the 2009 tennis season.

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